We identify opportunistic real estate investments, develop creative strategies for adding value and effectively executing those strategies to generate exceptional returns while providing consistent, stable cash-flow. In executing our investment strategy we employ a dual strategy in building portfolios – one strategy focuses on acquiring existing stabilized cash flowing assets to support stable, consistent, dividend distributions to our investors. The second strategy focuses on acquiring opportunistic assets which we can reposition, redevelop or remarket to create value enhancement and capital appreciation.




  •  Sun Capital
  •  Moon Valley 1
  •  Moon Valley 2
  •  Galleria
  •  Galleria Mall
  •  Galleria Residence
  •  Bungalows-North Coast
  •  Arabiano
  •  Arabia Compound-Tycoons
  •  The 217th and the 48th office buildings in the Fifth settlement
  •  Dubai, 3 Towers :
    •  One Moon Tower in Business Bay
    •  Two towers in Jebel Ali


We are committed to our tenants. We strive to deliver exceptional work place environments and innovative solutions to meet or exceed our tenants’ real estate needs. We are also committed to our team of professionals, by forging a growth-oriented work place with emphasis on personal achievement, growth and learning. We are passionate and committed to excel at all we do. We strive to be the premier real estate investment and operating company in our markets as recognized by our clients, our partners, our employees, our tenants and the investment community.