There is no greater pleasure than crafting family-centric communities where harmony and exclusivity translate into everyday life.”

For three consecutive generations, Hassan Allam’s family attained a proud heritage in crafting exclusive communities where families come together to enjoy the finest luxuries of life. Starting from lifetime unions to new births, our handpicked communities exclusively grow in prime locations, welcoming neighbors who would soon form lasting friendships. The family-like ties and hassle-free lifestyles that bind them together add a whole new dimension, not only to the value of our lifetime properties, but also to the true essence of life. Welcome to Hassan Allam’s circle of trust, where exclusivity, charm and harmony are synonymous with everyday life.

Hassan Allam Properties crafts lasting family homes that reflect the unique lifestyles and personalities of its owners. While creating value for lifetime investments, we also promise quality-centric homes that last generations to come. Inspired by our boutique and family-run nature, new maxims for exclusivity and privacy translate into everyday quality living. Our commitment to selecting esteemed locations throughout Egypt, in addition to granting the best of hospitality and entertainment, provides momentum for ideal investment decisions, both in life as well as in the future.