the “Stone”  project is a totally integrated project. It consists of four main components each of them is considered to be a project by itself, Stone park, Stone Residence, Stone towers and the newly born Stone Street. These Four components complement each other to form a harmonious community that celebrates life.

The “Stone” Family of projects derives its name the petrified tree, which is naturally located at the heart of the development , marking it the landmark of these projects.

The “Stone” projects are strategically located along the Ring Road at the edge of New Cairo city , sitting on plot area of around 2,000,000 m2.

Stone Residence : stone residence is the second residential component of the “stone” project, it is an important corner that fully completes the integration concept of the “stone” project
With a total land area of around 600,00 m2 , Stone Residence encompasses
142 blocks, embracing 462 buildings with each building containing 8 apartments , offering flexible apartment spaces that range from 140 m2  to 220 m2 .
Master Plan : stone residence master plan was designed with careful attention to every detail in / and surrounding the project , while putting in mind the relation of the four different-yet integrated components of the  “ Stone” Project as a whole . A perfect master plan can only deliver the right elements and ingredients for a superb project.
Stone Residence master plan embraces the feeling of freedom , open-air , greenery, water features and swimming pools in complete harmony with the architectural design of the residential buildings .
A pressure-free lifestyle : Stone Residence enjoys its privacy with two separate entrances for its residents and visitors, designed with special attention to the ease and smooth of traffic flow inside the compound, thus all the main roads are double loaded with perpendicular parking for each apartment to let go of the hassle of finding a parking spot every day , and bearing in mind enough parking spaces for guests.
The traffic flow design made sure that you will always have the feeling of smooth traffic flow and safety