Mr. Engineer / Ahmed Abdul Moneim, General Manager of Architectural Design for the Project in Office

a/ Andy General Manager direct manager

He is also a partner with Residence Real Estate company in Egypt from 2010 and he is also a partner in our project and in 2000 he founded his company, Heat Design, and has previously had previous businesses and projects in (UAE, Amman, Libya) Jordan is the one who designed the Neighborhood of Shirato Egypt and was totally dependent on rocks and holes in its designs as it has a very great experience around the world and finally he shares the design design of the resort of Aroma Al Ain Al Ain Al-Sukhna so that everyone can be impressed With the coolest designs

Which is done as the designs are manufactured of beauty and quality be at the highest quality where we care outside and inside and our main goal was that we take advantage of the spaces in various ways where the color was chosen black and black and this indicates the elegance and majesty and be of income designs Super Lux where we play on we provide the customer all the means of comfort in order to own the most luxurious tourist resorts and be our project on the sea directly and its location is distinct.